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Hospitality & Cruise Phone Systems & Communications Solutions

Guests are actively engaging with your establishment more than ever before. Whether you are a hotelier or in the cruise ship industry, how guests view and review your service is of utmost importance.
The answer is scalable, reliable communications that provide the best customer experience to guests while streamlining your operations.
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Stellar guest service

A personalized experience makes your guests feel welcome, and more likely to leave positive online reviews.

Stellar Guest Service
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Operational efficiency

Reduce training time and enable mobile working with purpose-built applications.

Operational Efficiency
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Deploy your way

Whether on-site, private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid platform, you have a choice.

Deploy Your Way

Your hotel is focused on providing the best customer experience possible.

But often, providing that experience requires some sort of customer intervention — a call to the front desk that the towels in the room are dirty, or a complaint about the air conditioning not working.

When you give machines a voice, you can often eliminate the need for the customer to come to you.

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Your hotel's communications system is more than just wake-up calls and long-distance billing. It's a way to differentiate your property with your guest experience, boost employee productivity and your bottom line. From guest bring-your-own device (BYOD) to staff workflow optimization and management and high-touch solutions for smaller hotels, the options for hotel communications systems are endless.

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Hotelbeds was growing, so they worked with Mitel to strategically grow their communications solution as well.

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Starwood Hotels - Resorts

Starwood went looking for a better way to handle their communications, and found Mitel.

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