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Remote Working Solutions

The tools and tips you need to maintain productivity and business continuity
Stay connected with employees and stakeholders. Whether your organization is facing an unexpected event, like the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or simply offering flexibility for your workforce, today’s remote working technologies make it easy for teams to stay productive wherever they are. 
Remote Working


3 Months Free Videoconferencing with MiTeam Meetings

With MiCollab and MiTeam Meetings, you get all the voice, chat, and video capabilities you need to keep your global team connected and productive.

Get 3 months of MiTeam Meetings free with this special offer.

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Free All-in-One Phone & Collaboration Solution

Help your small business get the most out of working from home with MiCloud Connect, an easy-to-use, end-to-end cloud communications, collaboration and contact center service.

Right now, get MiCloud Connect service free for 3 months.

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Guide: Going Digital for Business Continuity

What does "normal" look like on the other side of COVID-19?

"Going Digital for Business Continuity" analyzes how organizations must rethink customer interaction and strengthen remote collaboration in B2B and B2C environments.

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Benefits of Remote Working
Benefits for Employers

Attract and retain greater talent, save on real estate and help ensure business continuity during unforeseen disruptions. 

Benefits for Managers

Keep team members connected and productive during business disruptions, and offer non-financial benefits to increase morale and employee satisfaction. 

Benefits for Workers

Enjoy greater scheduling flexibility, reduce commutes, get access to more available jobs and potentially reduce distractions.

Powering Connections During COVID-19

How to Hire, Manage and Work Remotely
How to Hire Remote Workers

How do you source, interview and onboard employees differently when you don't ever see them face-to-face? Find out some of the ways our experts have identified to make this process go smoothly—along with new approaches you may not have considered. 


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Guide to Managing Remote Workers

For remote employees, glancing at them across the office or stopping by for a quick chat at their desk is not an option. Managing remote employees is different, but with our guide, you'll learn all kinds of strategies for getting the most out of workers, no matter where they are. 


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Tips for Working Remotely

Remote working means a lot more than just swapping in-person meeting for videoconferences. Check out these tips and tricks to survive and thrive whether you're working from home part-time or permanently working remotely. 


Browse our tips for working remotely >

Remote Working Tools that Make Life Easier


It's no mystery that technology is a big part of what makes remote working possible. The right technology can take your remote working experience from survivable to seamless. Check out some of our favorite remote working tools (including plenty that aren't made by us). 

Additional Remote Working Resources & Best Practices
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16 Ways to Help Remote Workers Feel Like They're in the Conference Room

Remote workers often feel peripheral, if not forgotten, on conference calls. Here are 16 ways a cloud communications service can change that.

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How to Host an Effective Meeting with Mitel Teamwork

Teamwork provides you with all the tools needed to host an effective meeting; share an agenda, assign tasks, and even hold the meeting itself.

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The Future of Business Relies on Mobility. Can You Deliver?

Learn how your communications solution can provide the mobility that modern-day employees need to work at home, in the office and on the go.

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Smart Workspaces Work Smarter Not Harder

The traditional 9-5 workspace has given way to something more flexible and individualized. Here’s how technology can help your business work smarter.

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"Coffee Shop" Etiquette in the Age of the Cloud Phone

When working remotely and using your cloud phone in public places, keep things friendly with your neighbors by observing "coffee shop" etiquette.

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Foster a Positive Culture with Collaboration Technology

A hosted phone system and collaboration tools play a big role in creating a productive and engaging workplace. And that helps small businesses thrive.

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Work versus Life: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Trade-Off

Work isn't a destination anymore. It happens wherever you happen to be. Find out how you can be even more productive with a collaboration and communications system like MiCloud Connect.

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Why We Like Video Meetings Better

Video offers benefits above and beyond traditional audio conferencing. This is why we like it better!

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Why All Remote Teams Need to Work Out Loud

What is working out loud? How does being more visible and accountable help remote teams and freelancers collaborate and achieve more? Read on to find out.

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