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Migrate Your Communications to the Cloud

Your business needs to focus on what makes it great, not the details of implementing and managing a communications platform. Nowadays, businesses have a choice when it comes to migrating to the cloud. Mitel makes it easy to move by offering both public and private cloud options and allowing you to choose the path that makes the most sense for your company. Simplify your business communications today with next-generation cloud solutions that allow you to be as involved as you want.
Simple and new don’t have to break the bank. With a monthly operating cost, cloud communications eliminates the need to spend a lot of money up front, and flexible plan options are key to mixing and matching features that best fit your business today and tomorrow.

Flexible Options

Whether your business is growing, integrating personal mobile devices or looking to blend environments, we have an option for you.

Spend Your Way

With consolidated pricing and mix-and-match features, our cloud options mean you can spend your money your way.

Next-gen apps

Get the latest features, add-ons, customizations and apps that make sense for your business, with the freedom to automate with IoT solution integration. 

What Is Cloud Communications?

A commonly accepted definition of cloud communications defines the term as internet-based communications that exist beyond hardware designed for telephony. Although VoIP can exist as part of an on-premise deployment, it’s common for cloud communications to be deployed in a server, usually one that is owned by a third-party. Private cloud communications systems can be hosted in a business’s own server, and hybrid cloud communications can be deployed through a combination of methods. Our cloud communications basics blog post offers a deeper look at the different types of cloud deployment models.


Mitel is the #1 market leader in total cloud seats and has been since inception of the Synergy report in 2012. Mitel’s public, private and hybrid cloud solutions have made us the choice of nearly 4.7 million business users worldwide. Thanks – yet again - to our customers and partners for putting your trust in us.

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Advantages of Cloud Communications

Cloud communications provides numerous advantages over on-site and server-based communications systems such as:

Reduced costs: Aging on-site systems are expensive to repair and maintain. Depending on your deployment model, cloud solutions can remove the costs associated with ownership and maintenance from your plate.
Scalability: Cloud solutions easily grow with your business. For hosted cloud communications systems, scalability is as simple as adding another seat for a fixed cost.
Innovation: You can automatically take advantage of new features as they’re added to the cloud system, without additional cost.

considering public cloud?

Ideal for growing businesses and any other business striving to eliminate the hassle and headache of managing their communications infrastructureand the IT personnel and budget that goes along with it.

Learn about MiCloud Connect
considering private cloud?

The perfect solution for large enterprises and any business with high compliance and security requirements aiming to maintain total control over their communications infrastructure.

Learn About MiCloud Flex

Cloud Communications For Dummies 

Innovation is the key to continued growth in today's business environment and cloud-based communications ensure your business is on the leading edge.

Enterprises have been buying phone systems for more than 60 years and until recently, those phone systems required a PBX and on-site equipment. With the advent of cloud communications, now businesses of all sizes can benefit from flexibility, agility, and scalability, to keep everyone connected while keeping costs down.

Mitel customers are migrating to cloud
Case Study

Worldhotels saved money and ensured a global reach with MiCloud Connect.

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Case Study
Michael Johnson Performance Center

The Michael Johnson Performance Center’s communications system wasn’t performing, so they asked Mitel to step up.

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Case Study
San Diego Padres™

The San Diego Padres™ are blazing the trail to the cloud and setting the technology standard for the league.

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